Before & After

From time to time I've helped people to sort out various problems. One day a man came to me with his electric wheel chair. The rubber cover had come off the joy stick that he held on to. I made a metal one from a front hub, that could bolt on, which gave him more ease of control. 



Here are some other modifications and clean ups for customers.


As the work started


And all done, One very happy man

Step by step the tandem grows and becomes a very nice bike. Keep watching to see how it turns out. 

 So the finished pics are in and at this point nearly ready to ride.


Hub when removed from wheel before rebuilding.      Hub just before it was laced back into rim.

A 14mm bmx axle bult turned down to 10mm so the customer could use a new hub in a old frame.

Hub on left of picture, transformed into gear joystick on right